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Justice Sotomayor tells the amazing tale of her life with the full candor and color that she has come to be known for. Her brilliant rise in the judicial ranks is part street smarts and part book smarts, both driven by the sheer determination that lies deep within.

While some who have walked a similar path; alcoholic father, uneducated mother, poverty and gangs; “Sonia From The Bronx” has emerged a joyous and compassionate woman with a constant connection to the community she dearly loves.

As the first Hispanic to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court and daughter of a mother who spoke mostly Spanish at home, the book, Beloved World, is being published in both English and Spanish. She is a star in the Hispanic community, attending local events and celebrations, attending to children, and always lending a word of encouragement and support to those she meets.

She is shaped as much by her father’s alcoholism and resulting family arguments as she is by the diagnoses of Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes.  She has often stated that it created a sense of urgency that she  “couldn’t afford to waste time” and also that she had to “live life to the fullest” and cram as much in as she could, every single day.

And with this same generosity of spirit, she shares the intimate details of her life for others, in the hopes that someone else “may find comfort, perhaps even inspiration, from a close examination of how an ordinary person, with strengths and weaknesses like anyone else, has managed an extraordinary journey.” Perhaps the most important lesson to be learned though, is that all one needs to do to have joy is to live joyfully, which is the singular constant in Sonia Sotomayor’s “Beloved World”.





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